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TV Disposal and Recycling Denver Colorado

Denver Colorado TV Removal and Recycling

Gone are the days of the “tube” and giant, bulky television sets. In today’s world, advanced technology has allowed us to flatter, more high definition television sets. The question is, where do all of the old television sets go when you get a new one to replace it? Most television sets and their harmful chemicals end up wasting away inside of a landfill. Lead and Mercury are two of the biggest chemicals found in older televisions. Improper disposal causes the toxic chemicals to seep into the ground and sometimes even into local water sources. It can also be released into the air through landfills that have incinerators.

Along with the dangers of the chemicals, larger televisions are just awkward and heavy to remove. This is where Junk Genius comes to your rescue. Not only we will properly dispose of televisions buts we will also do all of the heavy lifting for you. You sit back and relax while we haul off the old television.

We believe strongly in donating to local charities, organizations and church groups. If your television is in working condition, we will try our best to donate them. By choosing Junk Genius, you are giving back to your local community. If it cannot be donated, we will recycle them or salvage the parts.

Our Junk Geniuses are fully trained and insured to remove old televisions from your property. It doesn’t matter if its a home or office, Junk Genius can haul it away from practically any space. We are experts when it comes to electronic waste disposal and ensure that responsible practices are kept when it comes to disposing it. So whenever you’re ready to get rid of your old television, just give Junk Genius a call. You can reach us by calling 303-388-7780 or you can use the photo estimate feature on our website. We also offer onsite estimates before any moving is done to ensure you know the price beforehand. There will never be surprises with our prices. Thank you for always choosing Junk Genius for your television removal needs. We appreciate your business.



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