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Electronics Recycling and Removal

Let Junk Genius properly dispose of your old electronics to make space for your new ones.


Let’s face it: How many of us have electronics sitting in a back room, in storage, or somewhere else in our homes or offices we just don’t know what to do with? While some big box retailers offer limited recycling options, the average consumers know they shouldn’t take electronics to the dump but what should they do with them? Well, let Junk Genius take care of it, that’s what!

Junk Genius has been around since 2007 and we know how to handle old electronics. Whether it’s a CRT monitor that hasn’t been turned on since the early 2000s or a large DLP TV that hasn’t worked right since plasma came out, Junk Genius experts can not only remove these electronics from your office or home but also recycle, reuse, and dispose of them safely and responsibly.

One of the biggest issues with electronics, especially older TVs and monitors, is that many of the components they are made of aren’t safe for normal disposing. Throwing them in the landfill is bad for the environment, and certain processes are in place to ensure the least amount of impact to the world around us. Junk Genius has spent years learning the ins and outs of electronics removal and we’re confident we can take care of your electronic removal needs responsibly and with as little environmental impact as possible.

If you’ve been hoarding electronics for years to avoid dumping them, we’ll provide a free estimate on all your electronic removal needs. We’ll let you know what can be recycled and what will go to the landfill. We’ll be able to remove these items from your home, office, or out of storage, then take care of them from there so you don’t have to.

Call Junk Genius at 303-388-7780 and let us know what types of electronics you want to get rid of. We can talk you through our process over the phone, do an on-site estimate, and often we can perform the removal right then and there without waiting around for a better time.



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