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Mattress Removal and Recycling Denver Colorado

Denver Mattress Removal and Recycling

Mattresses may be the hardest item you own to get rid of when you buy a new one. They are hard to move, awkward in size, and just a pain to get of your home. You can’t give it to your friends or family because they usually don’t want a used mattress. To make matters more complicated, most charities and organizations would accept mattresses as a donated item because of fear of bedbugs. For the removal part, Junk Genius is there to help you. We understand the complications of removing a used mattress, so let us take the stress out of it for you.

No matter where the mattress is located, Junk Genius can remove it. We are fully insured and trained in removing mattress so that the removal is done in an efficient and responsible manner. Don’t try to lift that heavy mattress on your own, let our Geniuses take care of it for you. By providing an on-site estimate, you will know beforehand the exact price you’re going to pay. We don’t believe in surprises at Junk Genius, especially when it comes to price.

Although most organizations and charities won’t accept used mattresses, there are some in the Denver area that will. If we see that the mattress is in good enough shape, we will clean it up and donate it to those organizations. By choosing to go with Junk Genius for removal, you are also helping other local people in the Denver Metro area. If we cannot donate the mattress, then we take proper steps to dispose of the mattress in a responsible and environmental friendly way.

So whenever you’re ready to get rid of your old mattress, give Junk Genius a call. We will send our friendly, uniformed Geniuses to your home to free that space for you. Don’t let that caved in mattress sit one more day in your home. Get it removed so you can have space for the new mattress. Give us a call at 303-388-7780 or use our online photo estimate for a quick and convenient quote. Thank you for choosing Junk Genius for your mattress removal needs.



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